Compass Tech strives to research and develop special measurement standards, pioneering the improvement of the outdoor advertising industry, bringing high efficiency to businesses.

The effectiveness of OOH is still unknown:

For a long time, measuring outdoor advertising has become a big demand and challenge for businesses. Many outdoor advertising companies still cannot prove their effectiveness with the budget used for OOH; provide useful measurement data for customers. Leading to:

  • It is difficult to plan and measure advertising effectiveness based on budget.
  • Does not prove effective even though this is a good type, cheap, highly interactive.
  • Reduced communication effectiveness of the campaign due to choosing the wrong billboard, buying the wrong location
  • Waste of budget because of choosing an inappropriate billboard.

In Vietnam, according to Compass Tech’s research on the revenue of the advertising industry is estimated at 300-400 million USD/year but the field of measurement proving the effectiveness of OOH is still unknown.

outdoor advertising measurement
Camera measuring traffic flow at LED Ly Chinh Thang, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (outdoor advertising measurement)

Why advertising companies have not proved OOH effectiveness in Vietnam?

Lack of the basis of measurement theory and appropriate measurement technology:

In Vietnam, the measurement of outdoor advertising is assessed to be quite complex, each company measuring each type and the figures are not identical. Most of these measurement services do not demonstrate measurement methods; measurement data – leading to debate and unreliability of customers even though they spend a lot of money on this.

Optimize technology and measure costs:

In developed countries, measuring traffic volume is quite easy through data analysis from black gps boxes on cars. However, the above method can only be applied on roads with clear and spacious traffic density without being overlapped.

Therefore, it is difficult to have any method of measuring roads with conventional cameras that can fit the density of motorbikes and crowded as in Vietnam. On the other hand, with the status of billboards mostly complicated positions with many views: intersection, rotation, on the bridge, … To digitize the factors of “attention vision”, “visibility Glimpse ”,“ shielding rate ”for these positions, requires the evaluation and calculation of factors to be very complete and objective.

Although difficult, but not necessarily a solution, the problem is that every business needs to choose a method that has both reasonable and cost-effective measurement technology and the highest possible accurac.

Challenges in terms of rating and evaluation:

General information and construction of evaluation scorecard, ranking board must be done by experts in outdoor advertising industry. Therefore, the construction of score system and method of evaluation also requires the following strict requirements:

+ Actual measurement: Customers, readers of measurement certificates are full of information and quickly understand the essential factors. They can use important information in billboard trading, planning,…

+ Transparency in measurement data: Specific measurement methods, measurement time, authenticated images, etc.

Compass Tech’s outdoor advertising measurement solution:

OTC: Opportunity to Contact –how many people could come through and see your outdoor ads.

VAC: Visually Adjusted Contact –number of people who saw the advert during the outdoor campaign.

Outdoor Advertising measurement
OTC, VAC LED Ly Chinh Thang (outdor advertising measurement)

These are the most basic and essential parameters that are researched and proposed by the European Communication and Marketing Association (Esomar) to measure the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.

However, depending on the traffic characteristics of each country, there are suitable outdoor advertising measurement techniques. For example, in the Vietnamese market, the traffic flow mainly comes from a large number of motorbikes, does not follow the lane between the roads, creating a technical challenge of measuring traffic flow by camera.

Compass Tech is a pioneer in using Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology in image analysis and traffic counting to 96%; allowing classification of vehicles and measurement in many conditions such as weather, glare, traffic jam, day and night.

Up to now, Compass Tech is considered as one of the few companies that can complete the outdoor advertising measurement solution with the ability to measure each interaction with the ad position by the hour of the day, day of the week, vision of effective interaction of all routes in Vietnam market.

4 steps to measure outdoor advertising by Compass Tech:

Step 01: Actual survey, take photos of the scene, initial assessment

This is the first and most important step in measuring outdoor advertising. The technician will have to examine the installation location, the passing routes and the views of the advertising position. Based on the survey results, the technical team will choose the location of the camera installation to conduct traffic flow and vision analysis effectively. Compass Tech is the only measurement unit in Vietnam that conducts field and field surveys and measurements.

Step 02: Install traffic measurement camera, measure Vision with action cams

Compass Tech measures outdoor advertising effectiveness using actual data obtained by traffic cameras and action cams. These are actual data, can be searched and extracted, cannot be faked. This gives the credibility, the high authenticity of the measurement certification issued by Compass.

Step 03: Analyze and process measurement data

Measurement data is collected in 14 days and vision analysis data are all processed using automated computer technology developed by Compass Tech. This technology allows the classification of vehicle types, aggregate and statistics of traffic by hour, by day, by week.

Step 04: Summarize information, rank and issue certificates

Compass Tech’s measurement and grading certification set is built on 34 criteria, a 1000-point scale and 6 ranking ranks. A set of certifications built by outdoor advertising experts brings the convenience and professionalism for businesses to use for many purposes.

The stages are carried out by a team of experienced experts with Compass’s proprietary technological process; ensuring the comprehensiveness, accuracy and transparency of a measurement certificate (with a state license).

outdoor advertising measurement
– Alpha: Percentage of attention in sight. – Beta: Percentage of visible apparent size. – Gama: Percentage of open vision (unobstructed) – BigAlpha: Visible effect of billboards

Compass predicts the future

 “OOH is a traditional media industry, and has been heavily influenced by the digital advertising industry. Digital advertising has proved the advantages of technology factors, data and utilities for customers that traditional billboard has not done. So the future of OOH industry depends on the transformation and adaptation of the industry in general – to be able to reveal and exploit the strengths of OOH in Vietnam market (outdoor advertising measurement)”said Mr. Nguyen Quang Nhut – Director of Shojiki.

Outdoor advertising will hold an important and irreplaceable position because of the specific characteristics of the economic; social, transport and lifestyle structures associated with each Vietnamese people. With unremitting efforts, the company will develop utility services for the more sustainable outdoor advertising industry.