Factor measuring outdoor advertising: Position, message, size, direction, landscape … are factors affecting the effectiveness of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising solutions provider Compass Tech shares the fundamental factors that impact outdoor advertising’s effectiveness. These are also the standards for choosing signs and billboards that businesses need to consider.


This is considered the most important factor when brands choose outdoor advertising placements for the campaign. Choosing an outdoor advertising position is closely linked with the brand’s instructions, the message, and the target customers of the brand.

The top brands often choose the most famous and formal advertising positions in the city. FMCGs will choose locations close to their target customers such as markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries …

The top brands often choose the most famous and formal advertising positions in the city. FMCGs will choose locations close to their target customers such as markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries …

factor measuring outdoor advertising
An image analysis scene after being collected from camera by Compass Tech at Ho Chi Minh City.

Number of potential customers (prospect) reached

The number of people who reach the outdoor advertising determines the effectiveness of a campaign. Unlike television or online advertising, customers passively approach outdoor advertising, forced to look because they cannot close their eyes in traffic. Normally a person will have to travel the same route often, so the outdoor advertising images will be able to remember for a long time in their thoughts. An effective ad must be placed in the position with the most traffic flows in order to reach the target audience of your campaign.

Furthermore, choosing the right traffic factor can reach the correct customer file of the campaign or the desired characteristics of the customer, thereby selecting the right communication messages for each location.

factor measuring outdoor advertising
The photo shows an OTC, VAC of the 14-day advertising position of the company Compass Tech

For example, when choosing an advertising location in the inner city center of big cities, there will be a traffic factor that concentrates the customer file as office workers, offices, business people rather than advertising positions on the National Highway. . Choosing a location with a traffic factor close to the mall or supermarket will interact better with the file of housewives …

Direction to join traffic:

Along with the traffic of consumers approaching, the traffic factor also plays an important role in the advertising campaign. Choosing the right position for the signboard with the right traffic factors helps increase the advertising efficiency of the campaign, helping to reduce costs.

This also depends on choosing the main roads as the focus of advertising. These are arterial roads or gateways of provinces and cities, with high traffic density, suitable for campaigns related to industries, telecommunications, banking … The intersection is also a familiar outdoor advertising spot, characterized by high traffic density, long advertising interaction time, suitable for campaigns with fashion, FMCG, travel, and aviation industries. …

factor measuring outdoor advertising
The camera analyzes the direction of the road users (Factor measuring outdoor advertising)

After choosing a route, location, customers need to consider the direction of the billboard. A beautiful billboard is a board that must be seen from many directions; the opposite direction of the board coincides with the direction of the main road. The board is not obscured in any direction or any part, nor is it overlapped by another board.

Size, height of billboards:

Depending on the large and airy area, the size of the board will have different standards. The board should be within the pedestrian’s eye-level, neither too high nor too low. To ensure good visibility, small boards should be ground to short boards, large boards should be ground to longer boards.

The size and height of the billboard are important factors (Factor measuring outdoor advertising)

For example, if a table has a visibility of about 200 m, the distance from the ground should not exceed 8 m, which is equivalent to on the third floor of the building; from the ground to the bottom of the board. If the board has a visibility of more than 500 m; the minimum board size is about 100 m2 …


This is also an important factor in the table selection criteria. The landscape around the table should be clean and beautiful. Do not choose the board at the construction site; where there is a lot of rubbish, power lines, and household drying areas. If there are many other tables around, make sure the billboard selected must be the most prominent and most attractive.

– OTC (opportunity to contact): the number of people with the opportunity to access outdoor advertising

– VAC (visually adjusted contact): number of people who saw the advertisement on billboard

These are the basic elements researched and recommended by the European Association of Marketing and Communications (Esomar) for use in measuring outdoor advertising effectiveness.

DOOH at Terra Royal, distric 3, HCM city

However, depending on the traffic characteristics of each country, there are suitable outdoor advertising measurement techniques. For example, in the Vietnamese market, traffic is mainly from motorcycles with dense, interspersed roads, creating a technical challenge of measuring traffic flow by camera.

Compass Tech – outdoor tracking advertising:

Compass Tech is a pioneer in using Machine Learning and Computer Vision in image analysis and traffic counting with 96% accuracy; allowing classification of vehicles; measurement in many conditions such as weather, sunny, traffic jam, day and night.

Measuring camera is installed for 16 days at the location to be measured; then it will be analyzed to count statistical traffic by hour of day, day of week. Knowing the characteristics of traffic traffic allows advertisers to create content more relevant to the target audience’s peak hours, school hours, and commute hours …

Compass Tech also pioneered the use of dashcam’s vision advertising performance evaluation technology in all billboard directions; allowing billboard owners or media planners to accurately assess the experience of the angle. Effective vision, ad position’s visibility honestly.
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