We are proud to be the pioneer in the outdoor advertising industry in Vietnam with the following products:

outoutdoor advertising tracking

Vietnam’s leading in-depth outdoor advertising measurement service with AI dashcam camera technology, demographic. Outdoor advertising tracking

outoutdoor advertising tracking

Vietnam’s number one billboard board with OOH advertising buying service helps access data of thousands of large board positions nationwide including 3D images, video advertising positions. Compare the cost of advertising based on the price per m2, the cost of access to choose the best location with many discount programs, deep discounts only from the system, outdoor advertising tracking.


Compass tech measurement

OOH measurement standards set

33 specialized measurement standards for the outdoor advertising industry from experienced professionals 20 years of advertising experience.

Measure machine learning traffic table

Technology that measures the number of people who see ads with cameras with machine learning technology that allows for increased accuracy and reduced costs.

Analyze the view from the dashcam

Analyze effective vision of billboard with dashcam and measurement algorithm that simulates the vision of the human eye.

Guaranteed license authentication

Validating license plate information with state management agencies, politely buying and selling to ensure purchase, payment and boarding.


What is your need?

    Our service

    Measure campaign effectiveness

    Applying to customers, agencies want to measure advertising campaigns in multiple ad positions in an aggregate manner.

    Certification measurement

    Measuring, certifying the effectiveness of the ad position helps the board owner easily prove the value of the ad position.

    Competior Tracking

    The market report of billboards by industry, by budget share and competitors in the same industry helps with the planning process.


    We are a win - win solution for both customers and billboard owners!



    • Increase sales efficiency: reach the right customers with a signboard that has been certified by Compass-tech, outdoor advertising tracking.
    • Priority lies in the source of billboards chosen by large customers.
    • Enhance the value of billboards, the way to sell in a completely new way.



    • The set of 33 measurement criteria helps Agency and Clients easily select the billboards.
    • Specific quantification, helping customers optimize efficiency and advertising budgets.
    • Validating billboard parameters limits existing problems, especially on large-scale campaigns.


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